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22 November, 2013-Court website outage - Sunday 24 November
30 September, 2013-Updated Practice Notes effective 7 October 2013
13 September, 2013-Registrar's Corporations List
10 September, 2013-Legal agreement signed between New South Wales Supreme Court and Dubai International Financial Centre Courts
30 August, 2013-Applications for appointment as a costs assessor
22 July, 2013-2013 Registry Services Survey Results
30 June, 2013-Changes to Probate Notice effective 1 July 2013
28 June, 2013-New Schedule of Fees from 1 July 2013
21 June, 2013-UPDATE regarding important changes to the Probate Notice
17 June, 2013-Processing times for probate applications
13 June, 2013-The Supreme Court has reviewed and updated its Registry contact details
7 June, 2013-Important upcoming changes to the Online Probate Notice
15 May, 2013-Annual Review 2010 & 2011
17 April, 2013-Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme: release of reform recommendations
27 March, 2013-Registry Services Survey 2013
26 March, 2013-Courtroom changes for the Registrar's Corporations and Return of Subpoena Lists effective from Tuesday, 2 April 2013
25 March, 2013-Upcoming improvements to the Online Probate Notice
12 March, 2013-Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme: release of reform recommendations
24 January, 2013-Changes in courtroom arrangements in the Equity Registrar's General List, Registrar's Corporations List and Return of subpoena list
9 January, 2013-Update regarding upcoming probate changes
31 December, 2012-Fee changes effective from 1 January 2013
13 December, 2012-Court sittings during the vacation
12 December, 2012-Re-opening of subpoena document viewing room and registry
5 December, 2012-Statements of claim and summonses - new claim type descriptions
5 December, 2012-Upcoming changes in Probate procedures and forms
27 November, 2012-Amended delegations to Registrars under the Civil Procedure Act
19 November, 2012-Ceremonial Sitting in Banco
25 October, 2012-Welcome to the new Supreme Court website
24 October, 2012-Invitation to attend a dinner celebrating the Centenary of the Court of Criminal Appeal
19 October, 2012-Launch of the new Supreme Court website
31 August, 2012-ADR arrangements
28 August, 2012-Revised probate filing fee structure effective from 1 September 2012
8 August, 2012-Important information about the re-opening of the Level 5 registry and temporary closure of Level 4
29 June, 2012-Court fee increases announced today to take effect from 1 July 2012
16 May, 2012-Video recording of the Forum on Disclosure in the Equity Division
27 April, 2012-Reminder of new requirements under the Oaths Act and Oaths Regulation 2011
18 April, 2012-Forum on the Operation of SC Eq 11 - Disclosure in the Equity Division
22 March, 2012-Further changes in arrangements in the Equity Division
22 March, 2012-New Equity Division Practice Note concerning Disclosure of Documents
20 January, 2012-Important Information about the Refurbishment of Level 5 & Re-location of Civil Registry Services from 27 January 2012
10 January, 2012-Change in hours of operation for the Duty Registrar
16 December, 2011-New email addresses for Registrars involved in case management
14 December, 2011-Court sittings during the vacation
9 December, 2011-New arrangements in the Equity Division from 30 January to 29 June 2012
16 November, 2011-Changes in registry filing practices and new deadlines for requesting access to court files
15 November, 2011-New temporary venue for Court annexed mediations
28 October, 2011-Extension of deadline for submissions to the Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme
7 September, 2011-Chief Justice's review of the Costs Assessment Scheme
26 August, 2011-New administrative arrangements for ordering and collection of transcript for Supreme Court of New South Wales cases
25 August, 2011-New courtroom location for the Registrar's Corporations and subpoena lists from 29 August 2011

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