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Statements of claim and summonses - new claim type descriptions


    From Monday, 10 December 2012, the available claim types in the Supreme Court's case management system will change.

    The new claim types will improve the Court’s ability to categorise its work and ensure cases are correctly allocated to the most appropriate case management list. The new terms will also help the Court report with greater precision in key areas of public and policy interest.

    As practitioners will already be aware, statements of claims and summonses must include information about the main type of claim that is being made. Consequently, the change in the configuration of the case management system will in turn impact the drafting of documents that initiate a case in the Supreme Court as, from 10 December 2012, only the new claim types can be recorded in the system

    The new natures of claim that will be in use from 10 December 2012 are detailed in the attached pdf. The Court will revise the list of claim types published as Table 6.1 in the Guide to Preparing Documents under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules. This publication is also available as a link on the Supreme Court's Approved and Prescribed forms page.

    The Court hopes that the revised, significantly more detailed list of claim types will assist practitioners in selecting an appropriate descriptor for each case commenced.

    Over the next few weeks, as members of the legal profession adjust and adapt their precedents and processes, the Supreme Court Registry will accept documents that have used the older descriptors of the claim type, and substitute an appropriate new claim type. Registry staff will clearly mark your copy of the document up with the new claim type should they need to make a substitution.

    List of new claim types - SC - UCPR Guide table 6-1.pdf

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