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1 May, 2021-Updated Practice Note issued: SC CCA 1
28 April, 2021-Reissue of Practice Note SC CL 2
21 December, 2018-Updated Practice Notes issued: Corporations List and Bail applications
10 December, 2018-Forum – Online Courts in the Equity Division
19 June, 2018-NSW Court of Appeal to hold first sitting in Newcastle
7 June, 2018-Protocol for a minor’s share on intestacy
25 January, 2018-Industrial action on Monday 29 January 2018
17 January, 2018-Test
7 December, 2017-2017-2018 Court Vacation Opening Hours and Sittings
1 December, 2017-Update to Court services - Subpoena List and Level 5 Registry
22 November, 2017-Subpoena List - new start time
6 November, 2017-Updated forms for costs assessment
9 October, 2017-Past Meets the Future with Supreme Court Tour App
12 September, 2017-eSubpoenas
18 August, 2017-Change to practice for the determination of examination and remuneration applications before the Registrar in the Corporations List
14 July, 2017-Changes to the Duty Registrar service
13 December, 2016-Online Court Protocol (Corporations List)
25 October, 2016-Registry Hours - Court Vacation 2017
31 August, 2016-Closure of Document Exchange (DX) service
1 July, 2016-New Fees Schedule from 1 July 2016
22 June, 2016-Precedent forms to use in the Adoption list
31 May, 2016-Costs Assessment - New forms
27 January, 2016-Court of Appeal – 50th Anniversary Sitting
18 January, 2016-Starting times for Equity Lists in 2016
27 November, 2015-Media Release: Social media and filming in courts
26 November, 2015-Protective List - Moving to Mondays
18 November, 2015-Approved Registry business hours and arrangements during the Court vacation period from Thursday, 24 December 2015 to Friday, 8 January 2016
2 October, 2015-Publication of Supreme Court Annual Review 2014
10 August, 2015-Changes to Registrar's sitting times in the Corporations and Equity Lists
2 February, 2015-New security arrangements for the Hospital Road Court Complex
29 January, 2015-Release of Provisional Statistics for 2014
11 December, 2014-Change to Supreme Court Registry business hours during the Court vacation
2 December, 2014-Supreme Court Annual Review 2013
12 August, 2014-Updated Practice Notice effective 12 August 2014
19 June, 2014-Release of the Court's statistics for 2013
17 June, 2014-Chief Justice's Community Engagement Seminar
22 May, 2014-Outcome of the Chief Justice's Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme
21 May, 2014-Supreme Court Arraignments List - Procedural Changes
19 May, 2014-Change to court room for Family Provision List
1 May, 2014-Important information regarding Class Actions
31 January, 2014-Upcoming changes to the Rules governing Electronic Case Management
28 January, 2014-Release of provisional statistics for 2013
17 January, 2014-Updated Online Probate Notice content
18 December, 2013-Upcoming expansion of online Probate services
16 December, 2013-Supreme Court Annual Review 2012
13 December, 2013-Court Vacation 2013-14 - Duty Judge & Registrar sittings
12 December, 2013-Court website outage - 14 & 15 December 2013
11 December, 2013-NSW Supreme Court joins the 'Twittersphere' @NSWSupCt

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