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Updated Online Probate Notice content


    As foreshadowed in the Court's announcement late last year, the range of online services available in probate cases has been expanded.

    The Court has published new content on its website to help practitioners prepare to use a new online form which faciliate online publication of the Notice of Intended Distribution in deceased estates where the Court has issued a grant of representation. The new content includes detailed instructions on how to access the form. The content also illustrates the minimal steps involved in completing the online form which has been designed to extract relevant estate details wherever possible from the determined probate summons.

    The Court has also enhanced existing content regarding the Notice of Intended Application for probate, administration or reseal, which has been published through the Online Registry since 21 January 2013. General information about online publication in probate cases has also been reviewed and improved.

    Updated content regarding the online Notice of Filing Accounts will also be published in the coming days.

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