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Finding Information

Do you have trouble finding information on this site? Navigation is often the easiest way to find information on Lawlink.
A further option is to use search functions.


Where am I now?
Every page on Lawlink sits in a hierarchy. To see where the open page is located, look at the top of the page. There is a "Where am I now?" section at the top of each page. This feature is also know as "breadcrumbs."

Breadcrumbs are a "Where am I?" feature on our web sites which shows you where you currently are on the website and the path you have taken to there. The "breadcrumb trail" is located under the Top Navigation bar. Breadcrumbs example:
Browser Navigation
For information on using your browser navigation buttons see your browser's help section (often located at the top of a browser window.)

Lawlink Pages
Lawlink has been designed so that pages are structured consistently. Each lawlink page should contain the same elements in the same locations.
These elements are:

The banner appears at the top of every Lawlink page.

Image depicting a lawlink banner. The banner can be found at the top of every lawlink page.

Top navigation
Top navigation appears on every page, (it is also called "global navigation"). This element sits just below the banner as part of the top of every page. It consists of links to:

Privacy | Copyright & Disclaimer | Site Map | Feedback | Help | Languages | Search

Left side navigation
Left side navigation can be found on the left section of the open Lawlink page.

Image depicting a lawlink navigation section. The navigation section can be found on the left hand side of a Lawlink page.

Left side navigation contains a number of categories that link to pages within the Lawlink site. The categories of the left side navigation are the main areas of information contained within the Lawlink web site. Each Lawlink subsite also contains its own left navigation see: Supreme Court Lawlink and Local Court lawlink subsites.

Page content
Page content is the information located in the centre of a page.

Image depicting the content section of a lawlink page. The content section contains the main information on any given page. It is located in the centre of any web page.

The content can be a number of pages long. To assist in locating information there are often a series of links provided at the top of the page to headings or positions within the page. Links to return to the top of a page may also be provided eg. by an arrow icon, Top of Page link or you can click the back button on your browser.

Information Boxes
Information boxes may also be provided to help you navigate to information quickly and often contain hyperlinks to specific sections of information on other pages in the web site. They may also contain hyperlinks to other lawlink, and external web sites. Information boxes are located at the top right hand corner of Lawlink pages.

Image depicting a Lawlink information box.

Page footer
The page footer appears on every lawlink webpage and contains hyperlinks to: Previous page | Back to Lawlink Home | Top of Page.

It also provides the date the page was last updated, a logo icon that links to the Attorney General's Department Homepage, a hyperlink to a page that lists the details of the Crown Copyright.

Image depicting the footer section of a lawlink page. The footer section appears on every Lawlink page. It can be found at the very bottom of a Lawlink page.

The page footer Top

The current search function on Lawlink does not search by meta data and may not provide all results, therefore if you cannot find what you seek, try Enter the key words into the search box (top right hand corner of the page).

Commercial internet search engines can also be helpful for searching Lawlink pages. If you are using an commercial search engine it helps if you include "NSW" in your search terms. It also helps if you direct the search to pages from Australia.

The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that our online information is widely accessible. The Department is taking a staged approach to ensure accessibility compliance across all our websites and is working towards meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 by December 2014 (AA compliance).

If you have any issues accessing information on this website please email We will work to fix the problem and provide you with the information you require in an alternative format.

Please note Mac OS X and Safari users: For Mac OS X, the default browser is Safari. If you experience problems accessing forms and documents on Lawlink websites using Safari as your Web browser, you may need to use an alternative browser, see the Macintosh Products Guide for more information.

Broken hyperlinks

If you encounter a page that will not load, a broken hyperlink or a document that will not download, please contact the Webmaster.


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