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Supreme Court Arraignments List - Procedural Changes


    The Honourable Justice Johnson has announced a procedural change which will operate on and from the Arraignments List on Friday, 6 June 2014.

    From that date, appearances by persons in custody will take place by way of audio-visual link. Warrants issued by the Local Court following a committal for trial or committal for sentence to the Supreme Court, where the accused person is bail refused, will provide for the appearance before the Supreme Court to take place by audio-visual link.

    Practitioners should bear in mind this change in procedure in preparing for future appearances in the Supreme Court Arraignments List.

    The Court requests that practitioners advise the Registry by email to:, if they require any assistance in relation to audio-visual link procedures and in particular in regard to the scheduling and use of audio-visual link facilities to confer with accused persons.

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