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NSW Court of Appeal to hold first sitting in Newcastle



    Newcastle will host the NSW Court of Appeal this week with a two-day hearing in the new purpose-built courtroom, NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst said today.

    A bench of the Court of Appeal will hear the matter of Heidi Macquarrie v Hunter New England Local Health District, an appeal from the District Court at Newcastle.

    “The NSW Supreme Court regularly hears criminal matters in Newcastle as well as other regional centres and in appropriate cases is prepared to hear civil matters in regional areas,” Chief Justice Bathurst said.

    “In this instance the Court of Appeal made the decision to hold this hearing in Newcastle as all parties involved live in, or are based in, the city.

    “This demonstrates that the Court is available to all members of the community, not just people living in the Sydney metropolitan area.”

    Chief Justice Bathurst said regional sittings enable the Court to deliver on the principle of open and transparent justice.

    “Holding civil hearings and criminal trials in the area where the event giving rise to the trial took place, or the parties are based, makes it easier for people interested in the matter and the general community to attend court and see justice in action,” he said.

    The Court of Appeal will sit in Newcastle tomorrow and Thursday (20-21 June 2018).

    A short ceremony to mark the occasion will be held at 9.30am tomorrow (Wednesday 20 June 2018) in court room 6.1. Lawyers and members of the public are welcome to attend.

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