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Important upcoming changes to the Online Probate Notice


    Since the Online Probate Notice was launched at the beginning of this year, clients have provided a considerable amount of feedback regarding the process.

    In March 2013, the Court announced that a range of improvements would be made to the online form's content in response to client feedback. However, these content changes did not address continuing client concerns regarding repetitive data entry or the online form's technical performance (for example, transferring from one section of the form to another takes longer than expected). Commonly, these concerns were expressed by clients who were legal practitioners, or clients who worked in a legal practice.

    After significant investigation and consideration, the Court is pleased to announce that, in the coming weeks, additional improvements will be made to the Probate Notice. These improvements aim to:
    • reduce the amount of data entry that clients routinely publishing Probate Notices must undertake each time they publish a Notice online
    • speed up the performance of the online form
    • provide clients with the ability to monitor the progress of any subsequent probate application linked to the Notice from the convenience of their office, or home, at any time of day, through the Online Registry
    • further clarify and simplify the content of the form, and
    • provide clients with the ability to pay for and publish more than one Notice in a single transaction.

    The above improvements will be implemented on Monday, 24 June 2013, and will be achieved by making the Probate Notice form available to registered users of the Online Registry.

    Therefore, after 24 June 2013, in order to publish a Probate Notice, you will first have to set up an Online Registry account, which you can do online through an automated registration process.

    Although the improvements to the online form will not be visible until 24 June 2013, you can set up your account now by registering online at a time convenient to you. You only need to complete the registration process once, which will take approximately 15-20 minutes. In most cases, your account is ready to use within 15 minutes of completing your online registration. As an added benefit of registration, you can also start to file a selection of other court documents online, and view cases.

    Even though the registration process is quick and easy to follow, the following Guide has been produced to specifically help legal practitioners, and the staff who support them (such as legal secretaries or paralegals), register as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    Overview of the Registration process.doc

    The Court will publish an additional announcement containing a preview of the improved online form in the next week. This preview will specifically illustrate the fields within the form that will not need to be repeatedly completed (as details will be pre-populated from data entered once during the registration process), and the other improvements that will be visible from 24 June 2013.

    Finally, the Court wishes to confirm that the changes detailed above will not affect the Probate Notice search facility. Even after 24 June 2013, you can continue to search for any published Probate Notices at all times time of the day without needing to log in to your account.

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