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New email addresses for Registrars involved in case management


    New email addresses for the Registrars of the Court of Appeal, Common Law Division, Equity Division and Corporations List have been published on the Contact Us page of Supreme Court website. Practitioners are requested to use these email addresses to communicate with the registrars rather than sending faxes.

    Emails sent to the relevant registrar via these email addresses will be checked by the registrar (or a delegate) every business day, and where practicable responded to on that day or the next working day. To allow the most effective processing of emails practitioners are requested to ensure that any text that may need to be incorporated into proposed orders is included in the body of the email, and not just in a scanned attachment, and that the subject matter of the email includes the case name and number and a short description of the application/enquiry.

    Emails relating to matters appearing in the list on the next business day should be sent as soon as practicable. Practitioners should not assume that emails sent after 4.00pm on the business day before a listing will have been opened and read by the registrar before the listing. A confirmation email will be sent when consent orders have been made or if a listing has been vacated or re-scheduled. If an email attaches documents, such as written submissions, that are intended to be relied upon in court, then practitioners should ensure that they have a copy of the document that can be handed to the registrar if required.

    Emailing registrars is not to be used to submit documents that are required to be filed or that should be sent directly to a judge. Practitioners should avoid "cc" copying of emails to registrars, particularly if they do not require any action by the registrar.

    The preferred method of contacting the registry (in relation to general enquiries not related to a specific list) is by email using the general Supreme Court email

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