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Change in hours of operation for the Duty Registrar


    Currently, the Duty Registrar is available each day between the hours of 9am to 5pm. On 30 January 2012, the standard hours of operation for the Duty Registrar will reduce slightly.

    From 30 January 2012, the Duty Registrar will be available to assist clients each day between 9am and 4.30pm only. In other words, the Duty Registrar will cease to serve any clients who have taken a ticket for service after 4.30pm.

    If urgent assistance is required after 4.30pm, this can be arranged by prior appointment. You should send an email to, including "Duty Registrar - urgent appointment after 4.30pm" in the Subject line. Your email must set out the nature of the application/enquiry, the reasons for its urgency, and include a direct contact telephone number. To make the staffing arrangements necessary to accommodate an urgent request for assistance after 4.30pm, the Court should receive this email by no later than 3.30pm on the day that the urgent assistance is sought, or as close to this time as possible.

    The Court is grateful for the anticipated cooperation of its clients in adapting to these new arrangements.

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