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Video recording of the Forum on Disclosure in the Equity Division


    On 30 April 2012, the Court conducted a forum on the operation of its new Practice Note SC Eq 11, which governs Disclosure in the Equity Division.

    The forum was hosted by the Honourable TF Bathurst, Chief Justice of NSW; the Honourable Justice Patricia Bergin, Chief Judge in Equity; the Honourable Justice Paul Brereton, and the Honourable Justice David Hammerschlag, and the session was professionally recorded for posterity.

    Demand to attend the forum was high, and despite running a second session, the Court is aware that many interested legal practitioners were unable to attend either session due to lack of space, competing commitments, or being based in a regional location.

    Therefore, with the assistance of the Law Society of New South Wales, the Court has published the video recording of the first session on the Forum on the internet. The recording can be accessed from the following from the following link:

    The video recording is a little under an hour in duration and, for the recording to play correctly, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player will need to be installed on your PC.

    The Court is grateful to the Law Society in New South Wales for kindly agreeing to host this video on its website.

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