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Updated Practice Notes effective 7 October 2013


    The Chief Justice today re-issued three following Practice Notes, all of which share a commencement date of 7 October 2013.

    Details of the re-issued Practice Notes and brief summaries of the updates made, appear below.

    SC CCA 1 - General
    Revised Practice Note SC CCA 1 introduces the electronic lodgment of Notices of Intention to Appeal, written submissions and lists of authorities. The revised Practice Note also advises practitioners of the introduction of a drop off box located in the Registry on Level 5 for non urgent CCA filings, subject to the conditions set out in the Practice Note.

    SC Gen 3 - Copying Court Documents
    This revised Practice Note updates the address of the Court's website and makes other minor changes.

    SC Gen 18 - Production of and access to subpoenaed material and returning exhibits and subpoenaed material in civil proceedings
    Revised Practice Note SC Gen 18 provides for the electronic production of subpoenaed documents and the steps that should be taken by the Issuing party to facilitate the production of subpoenaed documents electronically (particularly where a large volume of material is being subpoenaed) by the Producing person, including indicating to the Producing person in the schedule to the subpoena, or in a covering letter, that production in an electronic format is acceptable. The revised Practice Note also addresses the Registry's practice in regard to the production of a large volume of material that cannot conveniently or inexpensively be produced in an electronic format or where the material may be hazardous.

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