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Chief Justice's review of the Costs Assessment Scheme


    Chief Justice's Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme: request for submissions

    The Chief Justice has announced that the Court will undertake the first comprehensive Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme.

    The background, aims and scope of this Review are set out in the attached Terms of Reference. Broadly speaking, the Review will examine the extent to which the Scheme's existing structure and operations support the just, quick and cheap resolution of costs disputes.

    The Court is seeking submissions in response to any aspect of these Terms of Reference from any interested person. The Terms of Reference detail how and to whom submissions should be made, and how the Court might use the information it receives in a submission.

    Any person wishing to make a submission to the Review must provide his/her response to the Court by close of business on Friday, 31 October 2011.

    Should you have any queries in relation to this Review, please email the Court at and include the words "Costs Assessment Review Query" in the Subject line.

    Costs Assessment Terms of Reference 7.9.11.pdf

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