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Notice to Practitioners in the Corporations List


    Supreme Court – Corporations List

    The Corporations List Judge wishes to bring to practitioners’ attention two matters concerning the operation of the Corporations Judge’s Monday list:

    Consent orders

    Many matters in which orders are sought by consent are coming before the Corporations Judge on Mondays. Costs may be saved if short minutes of order, endorsed with consent, are sent to the Associate to the Corporations Judge so as to arrive before 12 noon on the preceding Friday.

    In appropriate cases, orders will be made in chambers without any need for attendance in court.

    Allocation of hearing dates

    Where a matter is placed in the Corporations Judge’s Monday list solely for the allocation of hearing dates, the parties, acting together, may, instead of appearing on the particular Monday, forward to the Associate to the Corporations Judge by 12 noon on the preceding Friday:
    • any agreed directions for the hearing (these should include or adopt in substance the “usual order for hearing” in Practice Note SCEq 1);
    • an agreed estimate of the time required;
    • the mutually available dates during the following three months of all legal representatives who are to appear; and
    • the email addresses of all legal representatives.

    The Corporations Judge will then allocate hearing dates in chambers instead of requiring attendance in court. Dates so allocated will be notified to the legal representatives by email, usually within three working days.

    This procedure will be appropriate only where the parties are agreed that the matter is ready for hearing and on the directions to be made.

    The Court thanks practitioners in advance for their anticipated adherence to these procedures.

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