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Practice Notes

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SC Gen 21
-Practice Note SC Gen 21 - Interpreters in Civil Proceedings4 March, 2020
SC Gen 20
-Practice Note SC Gen 20 - Citation of Authority15 May, 2015
SC Gen 19
-Subpoenas - proposed access orders and the return of subpoena list21 December, 2011
SC Gen 18
-Production of and access to subpoenaed material and returning exhibits and subpoenaed material in civil proceedings30 September, 2013
-Practice Note SC GEN 17 – Supreme Court Representative Proceedings31 July, 2017
SC Gen 16
-Supreme Court – Pre-judgment interest rates16 June, 2010
SC Gen 15
-Supreme Court General – Use of audio-visual links in criminal and certain civil proceedings6 November, 2008
SC Gen 14
-Supreme Court – Freezing Orders (also known as ‘Mareva orders’ or ‘asset preservation orders’)16 June, 2010
SC Gen 13
-Supreme Court – Search Orders (also known as ‘Anton Piller Orders’)16 June, 2010
SC Gen 12
-Supreme Court – online court Protocol 8 February, 2007
SC Gen 11
-Joint Conferences of Expert Witnesses17 August, 2005
SC Gen 10
-Single Expert Witness17 August, 2005
SC Gen 9
-Appointment of examiners outside NSW: procedures for practitioners17 August, 2005
SC Gen 8
-Admission and enrolment under the Mutual Recognition principles15 December, 2005
SC Gen 7
-Supreme Court – Use of technology9 July, 2008
-Practice Note SC GEN 6 - Mediation9 March, 2018
SC Gen 5
-Costs orders against legal practitioners17 August, 2005
SC Gen 4
-Affidavits17 August, 2005
SC Gen 3
-Copying of court documents30 September, 2013
SC Gen 2
-Practice Note SC Gen 2 - Access to Court Files4 October, 2019
SC Gen 1
-Application of Practice Notes17 August, 2005
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