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Practice Note No. 87

REPEALED - Common Law Division




    Differential Case Management

    1 Practice Note 81 commenced from 31 January 1994 and will expire at the end of 1995 (refer Clause 6 thereof).

    2 The Supreme Court intends to continue the system of Differential Case Management ("DCM") introduced by Practice Note 81, but with some changes to that system.

    3 A new Practice Note, Practice Note 88, published today, will replace Practice Note 81 and will apply from 1 April 1996.

    4 This Practice Note relates to the application of DCM to proceedings commenced in the Common Law Division on and after 1 January 1996 and on or before 31 March 1996.

    5 From 1 January 1996, DCM applies to the following proceedings in the Common Law Division:-
    (a) proceedings on foot at that date which were subject to DCM pursuant to Practice Note 81;
    (b) proceedings which would have been subject to DCM pursuant to Practice Note 81 had that Practice Note not expired on 31 December 1995.

    6 Where DCM applies to proceedings pursuant to this Practice Note, it will apply to those proceedings as if the provisions of Practice Note 81 were still in force and applied to those proceedings.

    7 The purpose of postponing the commencement of the operation of the new DCM Practice Note No. 88 until 1 April 1996, and the publication of this Practice Note in respect of proceedings commenced in the interim, is to allow time for the necessary modification of and upgrading of the court's information technology system to accommodate the demands of the new Practice Note.

    Chief Justice

    8 December 1995

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