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Practice Note No. SC EQ 12

Practice Note SC EQ 12 - Real Property List


    The Chief Justice, the Honourable T F Bathurst AC, on 24 August 2016, re-issued Practice Note SC EQ 12 – Real Property List.

    This Practice Note replaces the previous version of SC Eq 12 that was issued 20 May 2015 and commenced on 1 June 2015.

    The Practice Note commences operation on 1 September 2016.

    The objective of the Real Property List in the Equity Division (the List) and this Practice Note is to facilitate the prompt and efficient resolution of the real issues in dispute in Real Property Matters.

    Practice_Note_SC_EQ_12_010916_Real_Property_List.pdfPractice_Note_SC_EQ_12_010916_Real_Property_List.pdf Practice_Note_SC_EQ_12_010916_Real_Property_List.docxPractice_Note_SC_EQ_12_010916_Real_Property_List.docx

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