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Practice Note No. 9

REPEALED -Notices of Appearances


                  PRACTICE NOTE 9
      Noting of Appearances in the Supreme Court

    In order to assist in recording the names of counsel and solicitors appearing in cases listed before the Supreme Court, a practice will be introduced at the commencement of 1976 involving the filling In by counsel of a form indicating his name, the party for whom he appears and the name of his instructing solicitor. A specimen form appears below. Supplies of the forms will be placed on all bar tables.

    The co-operation of the profession is requested in ensuring that a properly completed form for the case in which he or she appears is handed to the Associate before the case is called.

    Ist December, 1975 Chief Justice
                    A P P E A R A N C E S List No______
                                                  (if any)
    _______________________ V________________________________
    Crown / Plaintiff / Appellant *Accused / Defendant / Respondent/
    Applicant / Petitioner Co-respondent / Third party

    With____________________________________________________ with_____________________________

    instructed by______________________________________________ instructed by______________________
        To be completed and handed to the Associate before the commencement
        Of the hearing.

        * If more than one- indicate for whom you are appearing.

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