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Practice Notes

32-Appointing a Guardian Ad Litem: Guideline23 November, 2011
31-Publication, Anonymisation and Suppression: Guideline11 August, 2011
30-Retail Leases Division: Guideline11 August, 2011
29-Equal Opportunity Division: Guideline23 June, 2011
28-External Appeals: Guideline23 June, 2011
27-Reviews under the Government Information (Public Access) Act: Guideline6 May, 2011
26-Mediation: Guideline24 November, 2010
25-VETAB Reviews: Guideline1 August, 2011
24-Internal Appeals to Appeal Panel: Guideline20 September, 2010
23-Revenue Division: Preliminary Conference Guideline1 February, 2010
22-Costs: Guideline1 October, 2009
21-Summons: Guideline1 October, 2009
20-Retail Leases Division: Appointment of a Specialist Retail Valuer11 July, 2006
19-repealed22 July, 2005
18-All Divisions - witnesses23 March, 2005
17-General Division: Professional Discipline Proceedings16 November, 2007
16-repealed30 June, 2004
15 -repealed30 June, 2004
14-All Divisions: Expert Evidence and Reports30 August, 2006
13-repealed3 September, 2003
12-repealed9 October, 2006
11-repealed3 March, 2003
10-Access to the Tribunal - Use of Telephone and Video Links12 September, 2002
09-General Division : Licence Suspensions under Fair Trading Act 198715 July, 2002
08-repealed13 November, 2001
07-repealed8 May, 2001
06-repealed23 February, 2001
05-repealed18 December, 2000
04-Application to Change Hearing Dates12 December, 2000
03-repealed9 May, 2000
02-repealed29 February, 2000
01-repealed4 January, 2000

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