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The Safe Women Project

The Plan It Safe kit provides a comprehensive overview of a range of options and strategies to promote safer public places for women in your local area.

This kit is for anyone who is interested in improving women's safety in public places whether they are town planners, police officers, local government officers, community workers, a local women's group or residents. It is both an educational and practical tool for community safety advocates.
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IntroductionPlan It Safe: A Guide for Making Public Places Safer for Women
Section 1Plan It Safe: Women Talking about Safety In Public Places
Section 2Plan It Safe: Community Safety and Women's Fear Of Crime
Section 3Plan It Safe: Partners In Community Safety
Section 4Plan It Safe: A Community Safety Forum
Section 5Plan It Safe: From Wasteland To Heartland
Section 6Plan It Safe: Raising The Issue Of Women's Safety In Your Community
Section 7Plan It Safe: Contacts

This kit has been produced with the input and assistance from women and organisations who work to make public places safer for women. Special thanks to the women in the community who spoke to us about safety.

Our thanks to the following Councils: Bankstown, Blacktown, Brisbane, Leichardt, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, South Sydney, Waverley.

And to the following people and organisations who provided materials and reviewed drafts:

Australian Institute of Criminology, Marion Browne, Richard Campbell, Jilea Carney, CEIDA, City Rail, Nola Cooper, Councillor Alison McGarrity, Crime Prevention Division of the Attorney General's Department, Department for Women, Marilyn Hoey, Robyn Holder, Liverpool Community Safety Committee, Liverpool Health Service, Liverpool Women's Resources Centre Management, NSW Local Government Association, Snr Sergeant Phil McCamley, Nicole Asquith - Mary's Place, Metropolitan Action Committee on Public Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC), Newcastle Legal Centre, NSW Police Service, Greg Nott, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Louise Redmond, Rosies Place, State Rail Authority, students from UTS Shop front, Transport Safety Bureau, UTS School of Town Planning, University of Western Sydney - Nepean, the WASH House.
Project CoordinatorAmanda Hill
Project AssistantVicki Barton
Safe Women Project Steering CommitteeLidia Campilio
Echo Chung
Cath Edmundson
Lisa Giacomelli
Denny Hall
Joan Harrison
Rosemary Leonard
Liz Reedy
Vanessa Roberts
Written and edited byJenny White
(02) 9564 6096
Contributing writersMargaret Hickie
Amanda Hill
Rosemary Leonard
Liz Reedy
Susan Thompson
Helen Westwood
Local Councils section in Chapter 3Partners in safety is from original papers of Helen Woodward and Susan Thompson
Case StudiesMary Boson
Editorial assistanceMary Boson
Alison Gibbs
PhotographsAmanda Hill
Fiora Sacco
Art direction and designWendy Farley
(02) 4356 1278
Printed byLakes Printers
(02) 4353 1177
Published byPluto Press Australia
Locked Bag 199
02 9519 3299

February 1998


The Safe Women Project
Auspiced by Liverpool Women's Resource Centre
NSW Department for Women logoFunded by the NSW Department of Women
Web publication funded by the NSW Attorney General's Department, Crime Prevention Division
ISBN 0 9585305 0 5

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