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Violence Against Women Strategy Papers

Home Truths (Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence) National Conference 2004

‘Practice and Prevention' Conference, 2003

Papers from the Expanding Our Horizons Conference, 2002

’Seeking Solutions’ Conference 2001

Papers from 'Home Truths: Stop Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence - A National Conference', Melbourne 2004
  • Kinks, Cubes and Cyberspace: Working with young people to prevent sexual violence (Word 121 Kb)

    Papers from ‘Practice and Prevention: Contemporary Issues in Adult Sexual Assault in NSW Conference', Sydney, 11-14 February 2003

  • Working with men: the establishment of a unique model of working with male survivors of sexual violence in the ACT (Word Document, 133.6Kb)
  • Sexual Abuse of People with a Disability (Word Document, 49.1Kb)
  • New Approaches to Sexual Assault Prevention (Word Document, 80.4Kb)
  • Criminal Profiling: A Collaborative Effort Between Sexual Assault Counsellors and Offender Profilers (Word Document, 40.4Kb)
  • Councils and Counsellors (Word Document, 106Kb)
  • Sexual Assault within a Human Rights Framework (Word Document, 52.2Kb)
  • Surrendering the Night! – The Seduction of Victim Blaming in Drink Spiking Prevention Campaigns (Word Document, 77.8Kb)
  • The Role of the Forensic Physician in the Asessment of Victims of Sexual Assault (PDF Version, 167 Kb, Word Version, 40Kb)
  • Deconstructing the culture of sexual assault: Violence prevention education among men (Word Document, 132.6, PDF version, 71.5Kb)
  • Safer Times Round Albury Wodonga for Women (Word Document, 65Kb)
  • Sexual Assault and Indigenous Communities (Word Document, 31.2Kb)
  • "There is a guy on the phone, he reckons that he’s been raped" (Word Document, 60.9Kb)
  • Implementation of the Domestic Violence Screening Tool in a Sexual Assault Service – an unexpected result: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault’ (Word Document, 156.7Kb)
  • The Detection and Significance of Drugs in Sexual Assaults (PDF Version, 430Kb)
  • Young People and Sexual Assault (Word Document, 77.3Kb)
  • Supercars and Synapses - Bathurst Action Against Sexual Assault (Word Document, 77.8Kb)
  • Sexual Assault: NSW Police Perspective (PDF version, 413.6Kb, Powerpoint Presentation, 114.2Kb)
  • A Sex Equality Approach to Sexual Assault in Transnational Perspective (Word version, 136.2Kb)
  • Prevention Programs For Young People That Promote Healthy Relationships (Word Document, 185.9Kb)
  • Prevention in Indigenous Communities (Word Document, 57.3Kb)
  • Weaving the Net: Facilitating Aboriginal Community Initiated Violence Prevention (Word Document, 100.9Kb, PDF version, 770.7Kb)
  • 'Is there room for a SANE Down Under?’ (PDF Version, 158.3Kb, Powerpoint Presentation, 54Kb)
  • Refugee Women, Sexual Assault and Communities (Word Document, 56Kb)
  • Finding the spaces between ’Us’ and ’Them’: The pursuit of equity in sexual assault service provision (Word Document, 105Kb)
  • Sexual Assault in NSW (Word Document, 143.3Kb)
  • Delivering a Service to Aboriginal People (Word Document, 37.9Kb)
  • A Guide for Police Officers: The Prevention of Sexual Assaults and The Investigation and Apprehension of Sex Offenders (Word Document, 74.2Kb)
  • Kids Relate: Pedagogy, Praxis, Paradigms and Paradox’ (Word Document, 67.6Kb, PDF version, 56.6Kb)
  • Sexual Assault and the Admission of Evidence (Word Document, 159.7Kb)
  • The Third Wave: The development of Sexual Assault Services for Male Victims (Word Document, 59Kb)
  • Working with Men: Addressing the issue of sexual assault within men’s domestic violence behaviour change programmes’ (Word Document, 43Kb)
    Papers presented to the 'Expanding Our Horizons: understanding the complexities of violence against women - meanings, cultures, difference Conference' at the University of Sydney 18-22 February 2002.
  • Cultural Challenges for violence prevention: working towards and ethical practice of sustainable interventions (PDF version, 170.1Kb)
  • Innovative partnerships: a case study of a community education campaign - Violence Against Women It's Against All the Rules (PDF, 190.9Kb)
  • Violence against women and crime prevention (PDF version, 166.9Kb)
  • Integrated response to domestic violence by the criminal justice system and support agencies in Dubbo (PDF version, 130.7Kb)
  • Addressing violence against women in a rural context (PDF version, 158.3Kb)
    Papers presented to the ’Seeking Solutions’ - Australia’s Inaugural Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Conference, Gold Coast, 5-7 September 2001.
  • NSW statewide campaign to reduce violence against women - Violence Against Women: It's Against All the Rules (PDF version, 52.3Kb)
  • Culturally appropriate strategies for the prevention of violence against women: reflections on a visual arts project (PDF version, 26Kb)
  • What's the go with relationships (PDF version, 17.2Kb)
  • Spiked drinks initiatives in NSW (PDF version, 58.9Kb)

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