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For individuals

The information here has been written for members of the public.

Are you looking for information concerning your privacy and a bank, insurance company, real estate agent, shop or any other private sector organisation?

If yes, then these organisations come under the Federal Privacy Act and you need to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992.

What is privacy?

Privacy has sometimes been described as:
  • the right to be left alone, or
  • the right to exercise control over one’s personal information, or
  • a set of conditions necessary to protect our individual dignity and autonomy.
We often think about privacy in different ways, for example:
  • physical privacy - such as bag searching, use of our DNA
  • informational privacy – the way in which governments or organisations handle our personal information such as our age, address, sexual preference and so on.
  • freedom from excessive surveillance – our right to go about our daily lives without being surveilled or have all our actions caught on camera. More>>

Common privacy issues

Privacy at work
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Privacy at home
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Privacy in the street
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Privacy and government
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Privacy and business
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Privacy and health information
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Last updated: 24 May 2012