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The Australian Legal System

Australian Legal System I Legislation I Courts

Australian Legal System

Australia's Legal System (Parliament of Australia)
Information sheet from the House of Representatives

Parliament: An Overview (Parliament of Australia)
Information on the legislative function of Parliament, the Constitution and the High Court.

Separation of Powers (Fact sheet from the Parliamentary Education Office).

Separation of Powers: Doctrine and Practice (article by Graham Spindler - from NSW Parliament web site)

The Constitution (Information sheet from the House of Representatives).



Making Laws (Information Sheet from the House of Representatives).

Passing a Bill (Fact sheet from the Parliamentary Education Office).

The Senate and Legislation (Research Section of the Senate)
Detailed outline of the passage of legislation through the Senate

ComLaw (Attorney General's Department)
ComLaw contains legislation of the Commonwealth.


Making the Law (Parliament of NSW)

Understanding an Act (Parliament of NSW)

NSW Legislation Online (Parliamentary Counsel's Office)
Current and historical versions of NSW legislation.


Courts (Legal Information Access Centre Hot Topics - State Library of NSW)
A comprehensive summary of the Australian court system.

The homepages for each court gives details of the court's jurisdiction and activities, including court decisions:

High Court

Federal Courts
Federal Court of Australia
Family Court of Australia
Federal Magistrates Court of Australia

NSW Courts
Supreme Court
Land & Environment Court
Industrial Relations Commission
District Court
Local Court

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