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Human Rights

Human Rights (LIAC Hot Topics - State Library of NSW)
Comprehensive overview of the sources and application of human rights law.

Human Rights (LawAccess Online)
Links to information on aspects of human rights, such as discrimination, children's rights and privacy.

Anti-Discrimination Board (NSW Attorney General's Department)
The NSW Ant-Discrimination Board administers the Ant-Discrimination Act 1977.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Extensive links to resources on all apsects of human rights issues of concern to Australians.

Human Rights (Weblaw)
Extensive links to Australian legislation, case law, publications and organisations as well as international resources. Compiled and maintained by the University of Queensland.

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Information on the office and how it works, with links to national and other international bodies.

Human Rights Library (University of Minnesota)
Extensive resource, includes links to the text of all international treaties relating to human rights.

Civil and Human Rights - Internet Resource Guide (Australian Parliamentary Library)
Includes links to legislation, case law, reports and papers.

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