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AJAC Publications

AJAC publications are available to read online in PDF and/or Microsoft Word versions. Select the PDF or Microsoft Word link below a publication's title to read that version online. Please note that the PDF versions require Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader free from Adobe's website.

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  • NSW Aboriginal Justice Plan (2004-2014) PDF (456kb)
    The Aboriginal Justice Plan looks at ways of reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal people coming into contact with the criminal justice system as both victims and offenders. The Plan addresses specific justice issues to improve the quality of services and the development of safer communities for Aboriginal people. The Plan is comprised of seven strategic directions, each describing an area of action to be undertaken to address the underlying causes of offending and incarceration in Aboriginal communities.

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  • Aboriginal Justice Agreement
    Read in PDF (400kb)
    The Aboriginal Justice Agreement is a partnership between the Attorney General's Department and the NSW Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council (AJAC). This Agreement places the criminal justice system within a whole-of-government framework to empower Aboriginal people to develop and implement their own solutions to their own community needs, problems and concerns, particularly as it relates to justice issues.

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  • Aboriginal Victims of Crime (2001)
    Read in PDF (148kb) | Read in Microsoft Word (111kb)
    Report of the interagency forum held on 13 March 2001 in partnership with the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council and the Victims of Crime Bureau.
  • AJAC Submission for the Review of the NSW Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
    Read in PDF (104kb) | Read in Microsoft Word (336kb)
    AJAC's submission provides information and recommendations to the NSW Department of Community Services in terms of how this legislation impacts on the protection of Aboriginal children, young people and families in NSW.
  • Bail and Aboriginal People (2000)
    Read in PDF (208kb) | Read in Microsoft Word (214kb)
    Highlights concerns with the over-representation of Aboriginal people on remand in NSW custodial centres, as well as identifying reasons why Aboriginal defendants may breach their bail conditions. The report defines bail as a crucial step in the criminal justice process and acknowledges the problems encountered by Aboriginal relating to their access to bail.
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  • Binaal Billa SRA Research Report (2007)
    Read in PDF (240kb)
    This research report addresses whether Shared Responsibility Agreements (SRAs) facilate the AJAC's Aboriginal Justice Plan (AJP).
  • Caught, Hook Line and Sinker (2004)
    Read in PDF (718kb)
    Aboriginal fishing rights under the Fisheries Management Act. This report examines the extent to which the NSW fisheries legislation helps or hinders Aboriginal people's traditional rights to fish.
  • Circle Sentencing Review (2002)
    Read in PDF (849kb)
    This report prepared by the Judicial Commission of NSW and the NSW Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council presents an overview of circle sentencing in NSW. The report evaluates the first 12 months of the circle-sentencing model introduced on a trial basis in Nowra in February 2002.
    [Note: Circle Sentencing is now administered by the Crime Prevention Division of the NSW Attorney General's Department]
  • Diverting Aboriginal Adults (2001)
    Read in PDF (144kb) | Read in Microsoft Word (265kb)
    Outcomes of a workshop hosted by the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council and the Institute of Criminology on 5 October 2001.
  • Driving Licence Offences and Aboriginal People (2003)
    Read in PDF (247kb)
    Driving licence offences have long been a problem for Aboriginal communities in terms of being a very high offence category for convictions of Aboriginal people. The aim of this offence-targeting project was to reduce the rates of offending and imprisonment for Aboriginal people, specifically targeting driving licence offences spread geographically across NSW.
  • A Fraction More Power (1999)

    Reviews the impact of the Children (Protection & Parental Responsibility) Act 1997 on Aboriginal people in Moree and Ballina. AJAC expressed its concern about the extension of police powers under the Act, and in a 1999 study, looked at its impact on Aboriginal young people and their families in the Moree and Ballina communities.
  • Impact of Crime Prevention on Aboriginal Communities (2001)
    Read in PDF (437kb)
    The over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system and the weaknesses of existing crime control lead Cunneen to evaluate the impact of crime prevention strategies on Aboriginal communities. This report highlights the need for effective crime prevention initiatives and also identifies key characteristics shared by Indigenous communities both in Australia and in other countries that seek to address crime prevention issues.
  • Our Kids: Stay Safe, Stay Strong Childrens Activity Book
    Read in PDF (1,952kb)
    Note: Messages contained in the Our Kids: Stay Safe, Stay Strong Children's Activity Book are sensitive for children living with domestic and family violence. Where practicable, it is suggested that the book's activities be used as a resource for children under the supervision and guidance of an experienced worker.

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  • Policing Public Order (1998)
    Read in PDF (158kb)
    This report examines the offences of offensive language and offensive conduct (sections 4 and 4a of the Summary Offences Act 1988) and the impact of those offences on Aboriginal people in New South Wales. The report uses data provided by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research from 1998 Criminal Court Statistics.
  • RCIADIC Review (2000)
    Read in PDF (230kb)
    This paper is the NSW Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council's overall assessment of the Review of the NSW Government's Implementation of Recommendations from the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody (RCIADIC). As the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments were required to produce reports stating what they had done to respond to the Royal Commission's recommendations, this paper assesses the outcomes of the NSW Government's 1998 (5th) report, and includes areas that require further government action - particularly defined and measurable outcomes for Aboriginal people involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Shared Responsibility Agreements and the Aboriginal Justice Plan (2007)
    Read in PDF (215 kb)
    The purpose of the research is to ascertain whether shared responsibility agreements (SRA’s) facilitate the goals of the AJAC’s Aboriginal Justice Plan (AJP).

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  • Speak Out, Speak Strong (2002)
    Read in PDF (285kb) | Read in Microsoft Word (622kb)
    Aboriginal women are disproportionately represented in all stages of the NSW criminal justice system. The study surveyed 50 Aboriginal women in prison in NSW and its findings are contained in this report.

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