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Criminal Court Information

The statistics represent matters heard in the New South Wales criminal courts. These data are collected from the courts and maintained by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Summary Information

red_dot Children's Courts (Excel 31.7Kb)

red_dot Local Courts (Excel 31.7Kb)

red_dot District Court (Excel 20.5Kb)

red_dot Supreme Court (Excel 20Kb)

archived folders
Latest criminal court report
(pdf 1.6Mb)

Archived criminal court reports
A man and a woman sitting on a lounge, arguing

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs)
(Excel 185Kb)

Charges by offence
(Excel 70Kb)
A gavel leaning against a stack of books

Penalties by offence
(Excel 406Kb)
Prison wall with coiled razor wire on top

Prison sentences (%)
(Excel 44Kb)
Prison corridor with cells on either side

Length of prison sentences
(Excel 45.1Kb)

NSW Criminal Court Structure

Rear view of a legal professional in his gown and wig

Last updated: 14 May 2013
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