Supreme Court of NSW
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Fact Sheets

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About the Court
Civil Matters
Legal Practitioners/Unrepresented Parties
Criminal Matters
General Procedures

Supreme Court of NSW and its Judicial Officers

Sentencing Guideline Judgments

Bail Applications and Refunds

Online Court in the Common Law Division

Probate Applications

Online Court in the Equity Division

Other Court Procedures Set Out in Practice Notes
Court of Criminal Appeal, Procedures followed in the SC CCA 1
Administrative Law List, Operation of SC CL3
Defamation List, Operation of SC CL 4
Possession List, Operation of SC CL 6
Prepare for a conference hearing in the professional negligence list SC CL 7 (Schedule 2)
Equity Division, Case management procedures SC Eq 1
Admiralty List, Operation of SC Eq 2
Commercial, Technology and Construction List, Case management procedures SC Eq 3
Court Files, Procedures for Accessing SC Gen 2
Produced Documents, Procedures for Accessing SC Gen 3
Approved Copiers SC Gen 3
Affidavits, Use of in court SC Gen 4
Technology in the courtroom, Use of SC Gen 7
Appointment of examiners outside NSW SC Gen 9
Expert witness, Use ofSC Gen 10 & SC Gen 11
Online court protocol SC Gen 12
Search Orders (Anton Piller Orders), Making of SC Gen 13
Freezing orders (Mareva Orders), Making of SC Gen 14

Supreme Court Pro Bono Scheme

Preparing for Court Without a Lawyer

Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition

  • Vexatious Litigants

Costs Assessment Scheme

Payment of Monies into Court

Registry Services

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Last updated: 17 January 2012
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