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So you have to go to court!

Video and Resource Kit

A 25-minute video “So you have to go to court” and a resource kit has been developed for people with cognitive disabilities in the community.

The videos and resource kits have been distributed to disability service and advocacy organisations, NSW Courts and Tribunals, Legal Aid Offices, Community Legal Centres, NSW Police and every Legal Information Access Centre in local public libraries across the State, see

The materials in the kit can all be downloaded below. They have been prepared for both the person with a disability who has to go to court and people who may support them through the court process.

Contents of Kit

This video is now available on DVD and online!
Please contact Diversity Services (see the bottom of this page for contact details) for a DVD copy to update your kit or for a complete package.

Download the video or watch it online
The "So You Have to Go to Court!" video is now available online. Select a link from the options below to download or view the video in .wmv and .mp4 formats.

  • Podcast
    This version is the complete 25 minute video presentation.
    File format: mp4, 162MB
  • Windows
    This version is the complete 25 minute video presentation.
    File format: wmv, 47MB
Watch online
  • Broadband
    This version is the complete 25 minute video presentation.
    File format: wmv, 48MB
  • Dial-up
    This version is a 2 minute excerpt from the video.
    File format: wmv, 4MB

The Department of Justice and Attorney General is committed to minimising the disadvantages people with disabilities, and in particular people with cognitive disabilities, face when involved with the criminal justice system. We are working to ensure that all our clients can access our court services fairly and equitably through our Disability Strategic Plan 2006 – 2008.

Kit Evaluation
If you use the Video and Kit, it would really help us to improve our materials if you could tell us how you used it and what
you thought about it. We have provided the following evaluation sheets, one for the person going to court and one for
the support person. Please complete the forms and email them to or post them to

Diversity Services
Department of Justice and Attorney General
Locked Bag 5111

Parramatta NSW 2124

For further information about this video contact:
Julia Haraksin
telephone: (02) 8688 8460
TTY: (02) 8688 7733

For legal information contact:
LawAccess NSW
telephone: 1300 888 529
TTY: 1300 889 529

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