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This page contains information about the role, vision, governance and structure of the Justice Department. The page also contains links to other web pages that contain a range of information about the Department's functions, services and values.

Further information about the Department is available from these links:
Our Role

The Department of Justice assists the NSW Government, Judiciary, Parliament and the community to promote social harmony through programs that protect human rights and community standards, and reduce crime.

The Department plays a key role in the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system of courts, tribunals, laws and other mechanisms that further the principles of justice and contribute to the achievement of the goals of Government.

The Department assists the NSW Attorney General in his role as the First Law Officer of the State. It also provides support services to enable the Attorney’s legislative and advisory responsibilities to Parliament and Cabinet to be carried out.

Our Vision

AGD Vision

Corporate Governance

The Department's corporate governance framework directs the efficient delivery of access to justice, protection of ights and public safety.

The Secretary is the chief executive officer of the Department and reports to the Attorney General.

The Secretary coordinates policy and strategy and is supported by the Executive Committee in meeting statutory responsibilities under the Public Sector Management Act 1988, the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 and other relevant legislation.

Our Environment

The Department is committed to reducing the impact our business has on the natural environment. A dedicated Environment Unit formulates strategy and provides direction, enabling us to keep abreast of current requirements and legislation relating to our environmental performance.

In particular, we have introduced programs which improve our efficiency in energy use and limit the amount of waste sent to landfill from our courts, such as the Waste Reduction and Purchasing Plan that supports better managment of paper-based waste, focusing on increasing the amount of paper and cardboard being recycled.

The Department's structure

The Department of Justice is comprised of six Divisions:
  • Courts and Tribunal Services
  • Juvenile Justice NSW
  • Corrective Services NSW
  • Crime Prevention and Community Programs
  • Justice Policy and Legal Services
  • Corporate Services
and three Offices:
  • NSW Trustee and Guardian
  • Office of the Director General
  • Office of the Solicitor General and Crown Advocate
Download the Department's structure [PDF, 420kb]

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