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Crown Employees (Institute Managers in TAFE) Salaries and Conditions Award 2009
Page No.529
DescriptionVIRC - Variation by Industrial Relations Commission
Publication No.C7558
Award Code 1343  
Date Posted05/26/2011

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Crown Employees (Institute Managers in TAFE) Salaries and Conditions Award 2009




Application by Public Service Association and Professional Officers' Association Amalgamated Union of New South Wales, Industrial Organisation of Employees.


(No. IRC 220 of 2011)


Before The Honourable Mr Justice Staff

17 March 2011




1.        Insert in numerical order in clause 1, Arrangement of the award published 30 October 2009 (369 I.G.443), the following new clause number and subject matter:


15A.   Leave for Matters Arising from Domestic Violence


2.        Insert after subclause 2.12, of clause 2 Dictionary, the following new subclause:


2.13    Domestic Violence means domestic violence as defined in the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007.


3.        Insert after clause 15, Leave, the following new clause:


15A.  Leave for Matters Arising from Domestic Violence


15A.1  The definition of domestic violence is found in clause 2.13, of clause 2 Dictionary, of this award;


15A.2  Leave entitlements provided for in clause 15.3, Sick Leave, clause 15.4, Family and Community Service Leave, and clause 15.5, Personal/Carers Leave, may be used by an employee experiencing domestic violence;


15A.3  Where the leave entitlements referred to in subclause 15A.2 are exhausted, the employer shall grant up to five days Special Leave per calendar year to be used for absences from the workplace to attend to matters arising from domestic violence situations;


15A.4  The employer will need to be satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that domestic violence has occurred and may require proof presented in the form of an agreed document issued by the Police Force, a Court, a Doctor, a Domestic Violence Support Service or Lawyer;


15A.5  Personal information concerning domestic violence will be kept confidential by the agency;


15A.6  The employer, where appropriate, may facilitate flexible working arrangements subject to operational requirements, including changes to working times and changes to work location, telephone number and email address.


4.        This variation shall take effect on and from 15 February 2011.










Printed by the authority of the Industrial Registrar.

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