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Employment of Carers

Hiring a paid carer

A paid carer can sometimes help with domestic tasks and personal care, allowing the managed person to continue living in their own home.

Hiring carers should be done through a commercial carer agency that accepts employer responsibility for the carer – that is the agency takes responsibility for paying leave entitlements, workers' compensation insurance, superannuation, income tax and related expenses. Unless you engage a carer in this way, the managed person will have to meet all employer responsibilities and may face financial penalties if they fail to do so.

If a carer is employed directly by a managed person you must ensure all appropriate workers' compensation and other insurance is in place. Most insurance providers will provide this cover for a small charge.

The Manager cannot employ themselves as a paid carer as this would create a conflict of interest.

Insuring an unpaid carer

If a carer is unpaid, you will still need to arrange appropriate insurance for them such as workers' compensation, public liability insurance and income protection insurance. Most insurance providers will provide this cover.

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Last updated: 10 February 2012